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Grand Cape Mount September Report


  • The 2013 26 Independence Celebration activities dominated coordination meetings and thereby decrease the momentum.  Hence, there were only two sub-pillar meetings of Governance and Rule of Law and Economic Revitalization meetings held in August.

  • There were 98 criminal cases reported in July and August. Sixty percent (60%) was reported in July and 40% in August 2013. During the reporting period, the two uppermost crimes reported were Theft of Property and Simple Assault.

  • The Fifth Judicial Circuit Court will hear and decide 14 criminal and civil cases in the 2013 August Court Term.

  • In Grand Cape Mount, Rainfall was to some extent low in April through August 2013. The average rainfall between these months stands at 25.48mm, while the monthly average rainfall is relatively the same (24.36mm). Experience has shown that Cape Mount normally records highest rainfall due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and 75% of its area is covered with dense forest. This situation may be attributable to climate change.

  • Sime Darby provided 18 solar panel-street lights in Robertsport City as its contribution to the July 26  Independence Anniversary.
  • UNMIL Quick Impact Project now funds the construction of a magisterial court in Robertsport City in addition to the four funded and constructed in the four districts of Grand Cape Mount County. The current magisterial court under construction will bring to five, the number of magisterial court constructed in Grand Cape Mount County by this Project.

  • Counselor Varney Sherman, prominent citizen of Grand cape Mount County, donated a high 4 x 4 Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep to the Grand Cape Mount County development office.  The vehicle is intended to be used by Madam Tenneh Simpson-Kpadebah, Assistant Superintendent for development, to ease transportation constraint in performing her official duty. Cllr. Sherman put the cost of the vehicle at US$70,897.

  • During the period under review, LDHS and RREA surveys were conducted and completed respectively.

  • In  July and August, the field report of the Market Price Monitor indicates that the  average price of 50kg bag (India, special, USA and Pussawa)  of imported rice stands at L$2766.67 and L$3092.54 respectively   at the Bo-waterside market. The price of rice and other commodities are gradually rising because of the rise in the US$ against the Liberian Dollar.

  • The County Statistics and Information Office (CSIO) along with LISGIS, NDRC/MIA, UNDP and LRRC facilitated the launching and collection of baseline data and conduct of cross County capacity assessment from  August 11 thru 14, 2013.
  • Constraints: Currently the CSIO lacks vehicle and power generator that make the office more functional. There is no fuel supply for the CSIO motorbike. The incentives that CSIO relies have not been forth coming since July 2013.

Document to download
2013 Sept Grand Cape Mount Performance Report.pdf - 5370kb
- External Trade Published on Dec 13th, 2013
The section External Trade relied mainly on data obtained from the Customs and Excise entry bills and declarations in ASYCUDA files captured at customs entry points throughout the country and other notable Government Institutions responsible for export documentation.
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- CPI Published on Dec 20th, 2013
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes overtime in the general level of prices of goods and services that households acquired, (use or pay for) for the purpose of consumption.

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- Labor Force Survey Published on Dec 21st, 2013
The Objective of the Labor Force Survey is to

  • Determine the size and composition of the labor force, classified by key variables such as sex, age. County, education, skill levels, institutional sector, industry, occupation and employment status

  • Provide details on the various components of the labor force (the employed, unemployed, with special information on those who are underemployed)

Please download PDF below to gain further insight into the LFS Indicators

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- LDHS Published on Dec 21st, 2013
The Objective of the LDHS is to

  • Provide data on education, fertility, family planning, child and maternal mortality, sexual behavior, maternal health, nutrition, child health, malaria prevention, HIV/AIDS knowledge and behavior
  • Measure MDGs other indicators
  • Obtain a population-based estimate of HIV prevalence among adults age 15-49

Please download PDF below to gain further insight into the LDHS Indicators


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